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International Mobile Payments Platform

ClearRoute created an automated deployment solution for a mobile payments platform with over 42 million active users. Combining complex infrastructure, application and data configuration and provisioning processes.

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This organisation is one of the world’s leading mobile payment providers, operating in 7 countries with over 42 million active users. As part of their Digital Transformation Journey their systems required modernisation to keep up with the competitive landscape and to help them scale and expand their business. In order to achieve this they needed to overcome a key challenge limiting their ability to expand efficiently, their Route to Live.

Members of the ClearRoute team worked with this organisation to develop a bespoke solution allowing them to provision and deploy to new regions in an automated manner. The project had added complexity as we were introducing DevOps approaches into an organisation that mainly utilised 3rd party software.

Faster Deployments to New Regions

In addition to the complex technical work involved in this project, we also took the client through the process of adopting a DevOps mindset, helping them to build out their own capability and teams in this space.

Some highlights from the delivery include:

  • Fully automated infrastructure provisioning across Cloud and on-premise infrastructure using Packer, Terraform and Ansible
  • Automation of the build, test and release through CI and CD
  • Environment data configuration and deployment managed as code and automated
    through the use of LiquiBase
  • Improved security and operational stability through the automation of OS level upgrades
Reduction Per Deployment Cost

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