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Establishing a central tooling team to accelerate delivery through exceptional Developer Experience.

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Our team had the opportunity to work with an industry leader in the Media space, spanning print, ad-tech, radio and more. They rely on the innovation of technology to keep them at pace with the ever-changing demands of the industry. It is through this pressure to innovate that the team partnered with ClearRoute.

Our team established a central tooling team with the responsibility of accelerating feature delivery, improving product quality and reducing costs. The work spanned across, testing, cloud infrastructure and development tooling acting as a truly cross-functional team. Through close collaboration with the client’s feature teams, we identified common bottlenecks and opportunities. These insights were then used to develop reusable solutions that would drive value across the whole department. Successful code reuse and adoption were achieved through a focus on Developer Experience and collaboration. The feature teams were involved throughout the process of development, allowing iterative development by learning from early collaborative implementations.

Reduced Release Times
Increased Team Capacity

Some highlights from the project include:

  • Introduction of Docker Containers and a fully containerised infrastructure solution using AWS Fargate. Ephemeral and immutable infrastructure, pull request environments accelerating development and testing.
  • Fully automated release & change management process. Integrating Git, various CI systems, ServiceNow and AWS to allow for a fully governed and audit-safe release automation process.
  • Reusable DataDog deployment using Terraform.
    A number of open source testing tools for ReactNative & React, bringing testing closer to the developers.
Reduced Regression Times

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