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Automate your releases

By Matthew Lowry 29th Jul 2022

In today’s highly competitive environment where user and business requirements are ever-changing, the ability to release frequently is a must.

Robust cloud engineering can allow an organisation to increase the frequency of their releases. Organisations embarking on engineering and process improvement can see releases move from bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly to multiple times a day.

As you move to a higher release frequency, organisations must maintain the same level of governance and quality rigour to adhere to regulatory requirements for their domain.

Traditionally collecting build artefacts was a highly manual and labour-intensive task, with multiple levels of documentation produced and signed off by a respective quality gate representative.

With the rise of Application Development Lifecycle Management and engineering tooling, we can automate all of this audit trail.

Conventional Code commits, defect reports, change logs, test results, and more can be associated with a release as part of your Route To Live pipeline.

Organisations that have automated releases can enjoy several benefits and advantages, such as:

  • Granular traceability – Meeting even the most stringent regulation and governance requirements.
  • Removes the risk of human error – As data is gathered directly from the source without manual intervention and increases confidence in sign-off processes.
  • Reports can be customised –  To meet regulatory templates and compliance requirements.

How ClearRoute Can Help?

ClearRoute QCEs have an in-depth knowledge of automation and pipeline tooling, including the data generated during a development process and release cycle. By understanding the levels of governance and compliance your organisation must adhere to, we can advise on an automated governance approach that would follow the following concepts:

  • Clear Audit Trails of semantically versioned change allowing for end-to-end ownership, traceability back to requirements and concrete change rollback plans.
  • Custom Dashboards and Metrics of pipeline and change health promoting a ‘Green as Standard’ culture and greater transparency of project health to the wider team.
  • Automated Release Note templates tailored for your domain and meeting your regulatory or compliance requirements, removing non-value add tasks from your engineering team.

Our QCEs will work with you to ensure your feature and development teams can move as fast as possible, whilst reducing risk even in the most highly regulated environments.