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What’s it like to work here?

Profit share

We believe in teamwork – we work as a team and we succeed as a team. This is why we have a profit share scheme in place. When, as a result of everyone’s skills, expertise and diligence, ClearRoute succeeds and grows, we will all feel the benefits.

Have your say

When an organisation listens to its staff, then people will buy into its vision, mission and ethos. Everyone in our team should have a say in how the team is run. We organise monthly forums where new ideas, changes and initiatives are proposed and prioritised.

Develop yourself

If you don’t push yourself to improve, then you’ll stand still while your industry evolves around you. To help you develop, grow and progress, we take a structured approach to career progression. You’ll get custom development plans and a clear path to your career goals.

London, UK skyline landmarks

London, UK

71-91 Aldwych House

Sofia, Bulgaria skyline landmarks

Sofia, Bulgaria

115G Boulevard Tsarigradsko Shose blvd.,
Floor 9 Sofia
Zip code: 1784

Sydney, Australia skyline landmarks

Sydney, Australia

333 George Street
Level 13
Sydney, NSW 2000

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Pune, India

WeWork (Raheja Woods)
Raheja Woods, 8 Central Avenue,
Kalyani Nagar,
Pune, MH 411006

Bangalore, India

WeWork (Redwoods)
Manyata Techpark, Thanisandra,
Karnataka 560045

Our Mission

To revolutionise the Route To Live for every organisation by establishing the Quality Cloud Engineer

Our culture

Curiosity, empathy and drive are all qualities we value. However, we always look for culture add, not just culture fit.

Our ways of working

Diversity, equality & inclusion

Our people

We are lean in our processes; automation first

We don’t skip a difficult process; we find solutions to streamline it

We are passionate and proud of the delivery we provide

We deliver by creating real value for our customers

We continuously try new techniques as part of our engineering effort

As we scale we will need to adapt to new processes quickly

If you see gaps: challenge, understand, suggest and improve

We help each other for support, learning and mentorship

Removing barriers or unconscious bias in our people lifecycle

Reviewing the language and accessibility of job descriptions

Interview panellists are trained in disrupting their own biases

Creating a buddy-up system to support new joiners

Updating and creating inclusive policies that reflect our values

Providing an accessible office space

Increasing platforms for employee voice to get direct feedback

Continuous learning opportunities on diversity, equity and inclusion

To uncover and foster the next wave of change in the Route To Live

We operate as one team; there are no divides or groups

Your wellbeing, progress and growth are important to us

We will invest in your development through training and learning

There’s no such thing as a bad idea

We will always make time for each other

We will listen attentively, feedback and act upon our promises

We’re in this together; no one is too senior to approach

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