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The Cloud Promise:
Platform flexibility, scalability and reliability

However, making the most of it is not always simple. Complex environments, balancing BAU or a lack of experience can all hinder organisations from making the most from their Cloud Platforms.

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Cloud Adoption

Gartner estimated $1.3 Trillion spent on Cloud in Enterprise IT in 2022. Cloud Adoption is in full swing and organisations are building out Cloud platforms at an increased pace. However, in this rush, we find fundamentals are regularly missed leading to poor, inefficient implementations. With any Cloud platform strategy, ClearRoute focuses on ensuring these fundamentals:

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  • Automation

    Infrastructure is dynamically provisioned and treated as ephemeral.

  • Identity Management

    Allowing access across multiple environments and elevated privileges with advanced monitoring.

  • Templating

    Infrastructure is templated to ensure repeatability across your organisation and development/feature teams.

Your Cloud-First strategy

A Cloud-First strategy should ensure that your enterprise implements and builds on top of the aforementioned fundamentals. With the current advances in the Cloud Platforms there are further techniques needed to ensure you can scale your strategy effectively.

These techniques incorporated into your Cloud Platform will help you create a first-class Enterprise infrastructure built for Scale and Quality.

  • Zero Trust

    Authenticated, authorised and continuously validated across any service or data within the platform.

  • Automated IAM

    Reversing the access management from Active Directories to user recognition identifying the access rights based on the role(s) the user is assigned to.

  • Policy as code

    Proactively enforcing compliance across the platform, built securely without compromise.

  • FinOps

    Effectively managing Cloud costs, managing instances and services optimally to save costs when not used.

Engineering effectiveness

Building an automated and secure cloud platform will be part of the success of your applications. When helping to adopt a cloud platform we will always build with scale in mind, help realise value as the platform is further utilised.

Faster Deployments to New Regions
  • Reliability

    Building with production and scale in mind, the platform will immediately be robust and secure.

  • Speed and consistency

    Automation and templates will foster re-usability and consistent builds across environments and applications.

  • Adaptability

    The platform will be the foundational building block and, as techniques mature, the platform can also adapt, for example incorporating chaos engineering.

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Defining your strategy

Here at ClearRoute, our QCEs can work with you to define a Cloud Platform Strategy and approach that will enable the development team to build scalable, secure and flexible infrastructure. Based on your organisations strategy ClearRoute can conduct a deep analysis of your current cloud platform and services looking specifically but not exclusive to:

  • Cloud Fundamentals

    Review of the current implementation of IAM, Governance and Templating

  • Cloud Blueprints

    Review of the current templates, and identification of new templates that can be developed to be used across environments and applications

  • Cloud Optimisation

    Detailed examination of the current implementation across Cost, Infrastructure, Efficiency and Test.

  • Cloud Advanced

    Building on top of the fundamentals we will look to introduce and implement techniques such as Chaos Engineering, Zero Trust, Policy as Code etc.

A detailed Roadmap

All the above allows us to collaborate with you to build a detailed plan or roadmap, helping you prioritise and implement platform enhancements in line with high-value strategic outcomes. We split this over our three core capabilities:

  • Cloud Environments

    The environments that are provisioned and subsequently monitored on top of your cloud platform, focusing on automation and reuse-ability across your whole organisation.

  • Cloud Testing

    Modern cloud architecture and applications need extra consideration above and beyond modern testing techniques. The added complexity and code required to run your applications on the cloud require fresh techniques and services.

  • Release and Governance Automation

    Migrating from traditional manual processes and sign-off governance to full automation are sure to have an impact on regulated environments. Engineering teams must support the governance process whilst eliminating the waste associated with legacy ways of working, this again can be solved by introducing regulatory compliant automation techniques.

Build with confidence

A robust Cloud strategy allows organisations to build digital products confidently. It removes the heavy lifting of cloud infrastructure provisioning and allows engineering teams to build their products, knowing they are optimised, secure and ready for real-world use.

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