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Quality engineering ensures you deliver the right products at pace

Every organisation is focused on delivering quality products and services. Without high standards of quality, a company’s brand reputation and ability to operate competitively in its market are greatly reduced.

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Driving and maintaining standards

Quality Engineering is the process in which you define quality standards and ensure they are met both during development and post-release. The development and engineering processes must work in unison to enable your engineering teams to build and ship quality software. Ultimately we aim to answer two main questions:

  • Have we built the right product?

    Building the ‘right product’ centres around the business/user needs the digital product or feature is aiming to deliver. Organisations have many strategic initiatives and objectives that they want to meet during a period and will build digital products to help achieve them. Requirements are the blueprints and definition of the product, and ‘building the right product’ is concerned with making sure the requirements are met during and after the build.

  • Have we built the product right?

    Building the ‘product right’ focuses on build quality, this is the engineering side of the build process. Has the software been tested well? Is the code clean and easy to maintain? Can it perform under heavy load? Is the UI responsive and fluid and allowing users to access the features intended without frustration? These are just some of the questions we aim to answer when ensuring the product is built right. To summarise ‘building the product right’ is focused on making sure that it will withstand real-world use, and deliver value to users without any form of interruption or degradation.

Protecting quality engineering through testing

At ClearRoute, we focus on three key areas to ensure the success of Quality Engineering in your organisation.

It is highly valuable to any organisation to have the ability to deliver features at a speed that helps organisations achieve their strategic outcomes. Not only does it help an organisation compete, but it also increases the brand and reputation of the company. A quality product is what your end users and stakeholders expect, and thus Quality Engineering should be a key facet of your digital delivery approach.

  • Test Strategy

    The overarching approach to QA across all your digital products, and the high-level guide that teams should follow.

  • Test First

    Ensuring that QA and testing are thought about upfront before a line of code is developed. This includes testable applications and the whole team contributes to the testing design.

  • Continuous Testing

    The engineering process and test automation approach to verifying and validating the whole of your software performs as expected after any change.

Streamline your Route To Live

Quality engineering and systems for continuous testing allow for faster, safer releases, bringing your teams and stakeholders closer to the software development lifecycle. You will no longer be burdened with cumbersome manual processes, unreliable releases and expensive complex dependencies.

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