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Monitoring & Observability

The granularity in which engineering teams need to understand our applications has drastically changed over the years.

Our Monitoring & Observability Strategy

Our team can work with your organisation to determine key data points to define what normal means in the context of your application. Once implemented and surfaced, we will ensure your monitoring tooling reacts appropriately. In addition, we will also update your test strategy plan to consider which actions should happen when triggers fire.

Observability and monitoring are more important than ever, with new role types such as Service Reliability Engineers (SREs) gaining more traction. ClearRoute has the expertise to work alongside your engineers and enable your organisation to harness the power of data to:

  • Identify irregularities faster than ever

    Understanding how your application behaves allows teams to detect and remediate potential issues before end users are affected.

  • Remain highly available

    By capturing data and being alerted to anomalies you can scale appropriately to increased demand or even switch to failover if required.

  • Make better-informed decisions

    To understand which users interact best with specific versions of the same feature and serve them the best possible experience to acquire new customers or maintain engagement with your existing user base.

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