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Golden Path

Here at ClearRoute, we are excited by recent industry trends taking a new look at the Developer Experience.

Foster a Culture of Reuse With Golden Paths

Golden Path Adoption

At the forefront of this is the adoption of Golden Path’s, allowing teams to create a pre-defined path to adopt. With our experience spanning Quality Engineering, Cloud Platforms & Release Automation, we can help you develop an opinionated and supported Route to Live.

A Golden Path will allow for new products to be created faster, reduce costly duplication of effort and encourage organisational standards in a developer-friendly way.

ClearRoute Engineers have been working closely on perfecting the Developer Experience inside some of the most complex environments. We have helped our clients achieve a 20% increase in developer capacity through our work in Developer Experience and Golden Paths.

Increase In Developer Capacity
  • Build a Project

    Allow teams to get started quicker with pre-defined KanBan board structures, MicroService templates, logging libraries and more.

  • Checks & Balances

    Define your organisational standards as automated checks & balances. Allow teams to self-validate rather than rely on many external teams.

  • Supportive Tooling

    Provide teams with reusable tools that may solve specific domain problems. One example is offering your teams with front-end systems a standardised way to serve static content.

Technologies we work with

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