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Measuring Engineering

In today’s world, data must be a first-class citizen. It drives companies to make smarter, better-informed decisions.

Measuring Engineering Excellence

Our Measurement Strategy

The cost of hiring and retaining developers can be one of the organisation’s largest overheads. We can help ensure those developers are happy, engaged and performing. At ClearRoute, we can help you define the measurements needed to harness the power of the engineering data you are producing.

ClearRoute has the experience to help organisations define, ingest and surface specific engineering measurements and apply them to their development practices to:

  • Identify which teams need enablement

    Code coverage, cyclomatic complexity and time to deploy can be used as metrics to indicate teams which may not follow the best engineering practices.

  • Evaluate if processes are effective

    Lead time, waste and production defects can all suggest improvements with requirements gathering, acceptance test definition and refinement ceremonies.

  • Track trends over time

    Allowing for long-term decisions and strategic planning such as cause-effect analysis around events such as measuring the effectiveness of introducing new cloud services.

Technologies we work with

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