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Continuous Testing

The ClearRoute leadership have been leading the industry in Continuous Testing over the past decade. We can bring this experience to help identify gaps you may have in your current testing approach.

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Our Continuous Testing Strategy

By working alongside your Engineers, we will be able to devise and implement improvements to the following:

Continuous Testing will allow for faster, safer releases bringing your teams and stakeholders closer to the Software Development Lifecycle. You will no longer be burdened with cumbersome manual processes, unreliable releases and expensive complex dependencies.

ClearRoute Engineers understand these problems and passionately seek to solve them. We have helped our clients achieve results such as 99% reduced regression time – 3 days to 30 minutes, allowing them to release daily down from a 6-month release cycle.

Reduced regression time
  • Collaboration & Co-Creation

    Creating a smooth collaborative process between stakeholders and engineering teams is critical to ensuring the end product meets expectations. With the use of Continuous Testing, we can bring the testing process closer to those with a vested interest.

  • Test Automation

    Fast and reliable feedback throughout the development lifecycle is the key differentiation between Continuous Testing and traditional automation approaches. We will provide specific and valuable feedback throughout the SDLC.

  • Reporting & Dashboards

    Clear valuable reporting on all the validation, tests and checkpoints a release has undergone. Allowing you to release with confidence and if any issues arise, resolve it quickly and efficiently.

Technologies we work with

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