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Test First

“The later you find a bug, the more costly it is”. This statement forms one of the foundations of effective testing and finding defects early in your development process.

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Our Test First Approach

Test First approaches is a cultural shift. The ClearRoute team have helped embed and adopt Test First approaches to transform how organisations build and deliver software allowing them to release faster and safer than ever before.

Test First approaches takes that foundation and supercharges the agile process by advocating for considering and defining tests upfront before you develop a line of code.
ClearRoute can help organisations adopt Test First methodologies to enable:

  • Improve software design through testability

    Considering testing upfront forces teams to naturally build more testable and decoupled software promoting modular components with strong foundations for refactoring.

  • Finding bugs much earlier

    In the development process, in many instances before they are introduced into code can be resolved through a conversation.

  • Enhanced communication

    Between the team and the wider organisation, one of the key philosophies of a DevOps culture and autonomous agile teams.

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